Turbine Friends D&D

Episode 2.1

Infiltrating the Raider Camp

Arriving at the Raider Camp, the party scouts the area first by sending in Durza, transformed into a bat.  Durza successfully recons the area and eventually finds the cave entrance for the hatchery known as the "Nursery".

The party spots a returning bandit group, quickly dispatches them, and takes on their identities.  This allows them to smoothly enter the camp without causing suspicion or alarm.  Quickly, however, the party is forced to split as they start receiving random orders from the bandit leaders.  Naeris is forced to hide, nearly being recognized as a defender of Greenest.  Kartoffel goes into recon mode, skirting the edges of the camp along the cliffside.  Brian refuses to go in, knowing that if he bumps into Cyanwrath, there would be instant recognition.  Durza and Balthazar stride in confidently posing as raiders while keeping Oskar hidden in a stolen treasure cart.

Unfortunately, Oskar is quickly turned into a "slave" for the camp after being discovered in the cart.  Naeris and Kartoffel are able to quickly identify where the prisoners are, and Naeris goes to check the prisoner tent.  Together, the entire party eventually discovers through their espionage that Leosin is in a separate prisoner tent, receiving special treatment and being interrogated.

Kartoffel goes to investigate this himself, hoping to break Leosin free.  The plan almost goes well, until unfortunately it gets botched as Kartoffel is overwhelmed and killed.  The entire camp goes on alert, and the heroes are captured (except Balthazar, who uses his deception to escape the camp entirely).

Oskar challenges Cyanwrath to a duel, calling upon the might of Bahamut to his aid.  While the attempt is valiant, he does lose to the dragonkin.  Subsequently, the heroes are taken prisoner, stripped of their valuables, and restrained in the prisoner tent.  Balthazar stages a rescue as the heroes are able to break free and save most of the prisoners, including Leosin.

Battered, and somewhat disheartened by their losses, the party returns back to Greenest.  At least, they were able to save Leosin and a host of prisoners!



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