Turbine Friends D&D

Episode 3.1

Back to the Raider camp

The adventurers are once again tasked with returning to the raider camp to find out where they are headed next.  To aid them in their next journey, the town of Greenest provides them with whatever they need to replenish their weapons and armor—a gesture to display their utmost gratitude for the service of the brave companions.

Leosin, the monk they had rescued, requested that they meet him in the city of Elturel after they have completed their reconnaissance.  If Leosin has left Elturel already, then they should meet with his paladin friend, Ontharr Frume in that city.  Frume has plans to take down the cult before they can do too much more damage.

In response to the death of Kartoffel, and the courage of the companions, Greenest will erect statues in the town square, one for each of the adventurers.  The party is paid their due and provided with as much supplies as the town can muster and offer.

Enter Munin, good friend of Kartoffel, disturbed by the death of her former colleague, decides to join the party to exact revenge and continue Kartoffel's research and studies.  Her cleric powers should prove useful indeed to keep the party alive.  Furthermore, Balthazar summons his new companion, Jago, an imp from the upper levels of the Nine Hells.

Once again, heading to the north east, the adventurers return to the camp, only to find that it has been largely deserted.  Only 4 hunters remained, and a single prisoner.  Before the hunters could execute the prisoner, the party stopped them and killed all but two.  One of the surviving hunters informed them of the status and how most of the camp headed to the west already.  The cave contained Frulam Mondath and her right hand dragonborn, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath.  He also warned the party of a host of bandits, kobolds, and traps.

Indeed, when the party enters, the cave, they are ambushed by two cocky dragonclaws hoping to take them on together.  While they fight ferociously, the party fights with wisdom and tactics, overcoming them and gaining full entry to the hatchery cave.



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