Turbine Friends D&D

Episode 3.3

Last Battle with an Old Friend

After questioning Frulam Mondath a bit more about the cave, the whereabouts and destination of the cult, Cyanwrath finally shows up with a full elite guard.  As before, he demands a one on one fight with one of the party members, and Brian steps up to the challenge once again.  This time, however, Brian is able to defeat and kill Cyanwrath!

After the fight is over, the party immediately attacks the guard to get the advantage of the inevitable battle.  However, the enemy is a bit underestimated as they are formidable berserkers in their own right!  Many injuries and near-deaths are sustained before the adventurers are finally able to beat them—the most dangerous battle fought so far.

Frulam Mondath attempts to escape during the battle, fully heals herself, and runs away.  However, Oskar had his hunters mark on Mondath, and the whole party charged after her, eventually finding and finishing her off.

They continued back into the cave to retrieve their old stolen equipment and find a cultist by the name of Rank Magus.  Rank wants nothing to do with the cultists anymore and agrees to follow the party as their personal henchman follower (mostly just a pack mule).

The party then proceeds into Frulam Mondath's personal quarters, where they find the current cultist plans, a map of the Greenfields, a key, and a trap door.  The door leads to a Tiamat shring with a gigantic ominous mural to Tiamat and a treasure chest.  They use the key to open the chest and find much of the stolen Greenest heirlooms, along with a sizeable treasure hoard!



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