Turbine Friends D&D

Episode 3.4

Delving the Depths

Deeper into the cave the party ventures, choosing to head northward toward what Rank Magus informs them is the "kobold barracks."  Their reasoning is to clear the cave before heading toward the nursery in the east.  

Nearly triggering a deadly trap, they attempt to clear the falling-ceiling trap—mostly.  Unfortunately, Naeris doesn't escape in time and nearly dies to the sheer force of rocks.  Simultaneously, a group of kobolds is alarmed at the barracks and attacks!  With Munin and Rank Magus helping Naeris get back on her feet, the rest of the party makes quick work of the kobold force.

The barracks proves to be a disgusting pit of a room, but it does contain some small amount of treasure accumulated by the kobolds.  Naeris ends up sneaking back to grab the treasure.  Continuing eastward, the party runs into the ritual room where humans are turned into dragonkin.  There, they thwart a potential ambush of kobolds and drakes.

Further to the south, the party rounds back to the main spine of the cave, and continues eastward to the garbage dump.  In this area, they run into a group of evil troglodytes.  Balthazar attempts to stall them by putting on a grand performance, which delays them for a moment before the rest of the party gets the surprise round.  Fortunately, they dispatch the beasts before they could be of any damage.



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