Turbine Friends D&D


Seek the Keep

This adventure takes place in the Forgotten Realms, namely the world known as Toril.  The players have traveled far from the empire of Amn to eventually make it to Greenest.  While each has their own agenda, fate has them arrive just in time to be trapped in a town and surrounded by a hoard of raiders.

After saving a woman named Linan Swift and her husband Cuthbert, they fight their way to the keep.  Fortunately, the guards had not fully shut the gate when they arrived, so they made it into the castle.  There, they meet the Master Escobert and Governor Nighthill.  

It is confirmed that the raiders are in fact involved with the Cult of the Dragon, per the talismans the adventurers find on the dead bodies.  

Nighthill informs them that the keep is in dire need of a healer, a priest of Chauntea, currently trapped in the temple.  However, the temple is under attack by a large group of raiders.  This causes Nighthill to be deeply worried and he asks the adventurers to exit the keep through the Old Tunnel.  The adventurers agree to do so and hopefully reach the temple before its trapped inhabitants are attacked.



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