Turbine Friends D&D

Save the church

The party is told by Nighthill that they need to save the priest of Chauntea, the only healer the town has—That way the town can heal their injured militia.  Unfortunately, the priest and some villagers are holed up in the nearby temple, which is also under attack by a band of raiders. 

An old tunnel leads out of the keep, originally made for gathering water from the stream during a siege.  It has never been used, however, so anything could be down there.  Also, it is the only way out of the keep now that the front gate is being blocked by a large group of raiders.  The party is attacked by a deadly group of hungry rats that have migrated to the tunnel as a result of all the commotion.  Oskar nearly dies from this, but the party is otherwise unscathed.

Before exiting the tunnel, Naeris scouts ahead and notices a patrolling group of raiders. The group decides to let them pass before continuing onward to the southwestern wall of the temple.  After scouting out the enemy's positions, the party decides to surprise attack the group of bandits in the back of the temple, who are quickly overwhelmed.

The group then enters through the back of the temple, and they devise a clever plan to get the villagers and the priest out with minimal casualties.  As they start moving people over the back wall and away from the temple grounds, they also have to deal with the largest group of bandits attempting to break down the front door.  With Kartoffel perched on the roof monitoring the positions of the raiders, the party piles up temple pews against the front door.  

As the enemy finally breaks through the door and starts streaming in, Durza waits patiently in front of them until enough of them are trying to climb the pews.  Once the time is right, he unleashes a great Thunderwave that sends the pews and the enemy flying, crushing them against the stone walls of the temple and the hardwood pews.  This buys all of them enough time to exit the temple and free the villagers with no casualties.  When they return through the old tunnel, Governor Nighthill was relieved and grateful at the immaculate outcome!

Seek the Keep

This adventure takes place in the Forgotten Realms, namely the world known as Toril.  The players have traveled far from the empire of Amn to eventually make it to Greenest.  While each has their own agenda, fate has them arrive just in time to be trapped in a town and surrounded by a hoard of raiders.

After saving a woman named Linan Swift and her husband Cuthbert, they fight their way to the keep.  Fortunately, the guards had not fully shut the gate when they arrived, so they made it into the castle.  There, they meet the Master Escobert and Governor Nighthill.  

It is confirmed that the raiders are in fact involved with the Cult of the Dragon, per the talismans the adventurers find on the dead bodies.  

Nighthill informs them that the keep is in dire need of a healer, a priest of Chauntea, currently trapped in the temple.  However, the temple is under attack by a large group of raiders.  This causes Nighthill to be deeply worried and he asks the adventurers to exit the keep through the Old Tunnel.  The adventurers agree to do so and hopefully reach the temple before its trapped inhabitants are attacked.


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