Turbine Friends D&D

Episode 3.4
Delving the Depths

Deeper into the cave the party ventures, choosing to head northward toward what Rank Magus informs them is the "kobold barracks."  Their reasoning is to clear the cave before heading toward the nursery in the east.  

Nearly triggering a deadly trap, they attempt to clear the falling-ceiling trap—mostly.  Unfortunately, Naeris doesn't escape in time and nearly dies to the sheer force of rocks.  Simultaneously, a group of kobolds is alarmed at the barracks and attacks!  With Munin and Rank Magus helping Naeris get back on her feet, the rest of the party makes quick work of the kobold force.

The barracks proves to be a disgusting pit of a room, but it does contain some small amount of treasure accumulated by the kobolds.  Naeris ends up sneaking back to grab the treasure.  Continuing eastward, the party runs into the ritual room where humans are turned into dragonkin.  There, they thwart a potential ambush of kobolds and drakes.

Further to the south, the party rounds back to the main spine of the cave, and continues eastward to the garbage dump.  In this area, they run into a group of evil troglodytes.  Balthazar attempts to stall them by putting on a grand performance, which delays them for a moment before the rest of the party gets the surprise round.  Fortunately, they dispatch the beasts before they could be of any damage.

Episode 3.3
Last Battle with an Old Friend

After questioning Frulam Mondath a bit more about the cave, the whereabouts and destination of the cult, Cyanwrath finally shows up with a full elite guard.  As before, he demands a one on one fight with one of the party members, and Brian steps up to the challenge once again.  This time, however, Brian is able to defeat and kill Cyanwrath!

After the fight is over, the party immediately attacks the guard to get the advantage of the inevitable battle.  However, the enemy is a bit underestimated as they are formidable berserkers in their own right!  Many injuries and near-deaths are sustained before the adventurers are finally able to beat them—the most dangerous battle fought so far.

Frulam Mondath attempts to escape during the battle, fully heals herself, and runs away.  However, Oskar had his hunters mark on Mondath, and the whole party charged after her, eventually finding and finishing her off.

They continued back into the cave to retrieve their old stolen equipment and find a cultist by the name of Rank Magus.  Rank wants nothing to do with the cultists anymore and agrees to follow the party as their personal henchman follower (mostly just a pack mule).

The party then proceeds into Frulam Mondath's personal quarters, where they find the current cultist plans, a map of the Greenfields, a key, and a trap door.  The door leads to a Tiamat shring with a gigantic ominous mural to Tiamat and a treasure chest.  They use the key to open the chest and find much of the stolen Greenest heirlooms, along with a sizeable treasure hoard!

Episode 3.2
Standoff with Mondath

Exploring further into the cave, the adventurers take a cautious approach.  Durza transforms into a bat to fly further into the center of the cave only to meet up with a hoard of other bats.  Unfortunately, not much is gained except for suddenly being attacked by a stirge, which is defeated upon the fast return of the druid.

Naeris and and Jago, Balthazar's new imp familiar, explore the secret passage in the south and find an ambush in waiting.  Instead of triggering the ambush, the party concocts a plan to lure them out by pretending to be the enemy and calling for assistance.

The enemy does not buy it however, and they attack from two sides.  A patrol of kobolds attacks first, opening up the ambush party for a surprise attack from the south.  The battle is fierce, but the companions fight bravely, effectively taking down the enemy, including Frulam Mondath.  

In the last moment, Munin casts Spare the Dying on Mondath to keep her alive in hope to gain further information on the cult.

Episode 3.1
Back to the Raider camp

The adventurers are once again tasked with returning to the raider camp to find out where they are headed next.  To aid them in their next journey, the town of Greenest provides them with whatever they need to replenish their weapons and armor—a gesture to display their utmost gratitude for the service of the brave companions.

Leosin, the monk they had rescued, requested that they meet him in the city of Elturel after they have completed their reconnaissance.  If Leosin has left Elturel already, then they should meet with his paladin friend, Ontharr Frume in that city.  Frume has plans to take down the cult before they can do too much more damage.

In response to the death of Kartoffel, and the courage of the companions, Greenest will erect statues in the town square, one for each of the adventurers.  The party is paid their due and provided with as much supplies as the town can muster and offer.

Enter Munin, good friend of Kartoffel, disturbed by the death of her former colleague, decides to join the party to exact revenge and continue Kartoffel's research and studies.  Her cleric powers should prove useful indeed to keep the party alive.  Furthermore, Balthazar summons his new companion, Jago, an imp from the upper levels of the Nine Hells.

Once again, heading to the north east, the adventurers return to the camp, only to find that it has been largely deserted.  Only 4 hunters remained, and a single prisoner.  Before the hunters could execute the prisoner, the party stopped them and killed all but two.  One of the surviving hunters informed them of the status and how most of the camp headed to the west already.  The cave contained Frulam Mondath and her right hand dragonborn, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath.  He also warned the party of a host of bandits, kobolds, and traps.

Indeed, when the party enters, the cave, they are ambushed by two cocky dragonclaws hoping to take them on together.  While they fight ferociously, the party fights with wisdom and tactics, overcoming them and gaining full entry to the hatchery cave.

Episode 2.1
Infiltrating the Raider Camp

Arriving at the Raider Camp, the party scouts the area first by sending in Durza, transformed into a bat.  Durza successfully recons the area and eventually finds the cave entrance for the hatchery known as the "Nursery".

The party spots a returning bandit group, quickly dispatches them, and takes on their identities.  This allows them to smoothly enter the camp without causing suspicion or alarm.  Quickly, however, the party is forced to split as they start receiving random orders from the bandit leaders.  Naeris is forced to hide, nearly being recognized as a defender of Greenest.  Kartoffel goes into recon mode, skirting the edges of the camp along the cliffside.  Brian refuses to go in, knowing that if he bumps into Cyanwrath, there would be instant recognition.  Durza and Balthazar stride in confidently posing as raiders while keeping Oskar hidden in a stolen treasure cart.

Unfortunately, Oskar is quickly turned into a "slave" for the camp after being discovered in the cart.  Naeris and Kartoffel are able to quickly identify where the prisoners are, and Naeris goes to check the prisoner tent.  Together, the entire party eventually discovers through their espionage that Leosin is in a separate prisoner tent, receiving special treatment and being interrogated.

Kartoffel goes to investigate this himself, hoping to break Leosin free.  The plan almost goes well, until unfortunately it gets botched as Kartoffel is overwhelmed and killed.  The entire camp goes on alert, and the heroes are captured (except Balthazar, who uses his deception to escape the camp entirely).

Oskar challenges Cyanwrath to a duel, calling upon the might of Bahamut to his aid.  While the attempt is valiant, he does lose to the dragonkin.  Subsequently, the heroes are taken prisoner, stripped of their valuables, and restrained in the prisoner tent.  Balthazar stages a rescue as the heroes are able to break free and save most of the prisoners, including Leosin.

Battered, and somewhat disheartened by their losses, the party returns back to Greenest.  At least, they were able to save Leosin and a host of prisoners!

Episode 2
Hunting the Raiders

Governor Nighthill once again calls upon the adventurers' help – this time to hunt down the people who attacked Greenest.  A monk named Nesim tells them about his master Leosin being captured by the raiders.  Pleading to the adventurers to help save Leosin, also mentioning that he is a scholar of the dragon cult, the party agrees to attempt a rescue.

Tracks are discovered, and the party eventually runs into a straggler group.  The group bickers amongst themselves, a racism situation between the human cultists and the kobolds.  The adventurers use this to their advantage and overwhelm the group.  They breifly capture a prisoner who reluctantly informs them of the Rearguard, which awaits the party for an ambush.

Knowing that the Rearguard exists and what to look for, the party eventually spots the ambush area.  The adventurers ambush the Rearguard instead, but fail to launch a surprise attack.  The battle goes fairly well until they happen upon an unexpectedly strong leader of the enemy group.  They are forced to surround him to bring him down, but not before suffering a minor casualty when Naeris falls to the veteran's blades.

After the Rearguard is destroyed, the party continues toward the raider's camp.


Lennithon, self-proclaimed queen of dragons, attacks the keep with sweeping lighting strikes. This results in a huge loss of the limited militia that Greenest has left.  Nighthill is horrified, but the party keeps calm.  Balthazar, dragonkin, brilliantly parlays with Lennithon, convincing the beast to leave the town alone provided that the party agrees to a geass — to save an important egg that the dragon cult has held captive.  Kartoffel further convinces the beast to give them a ride to the nest when the time comes.

Once that ordeal is over, the enemy is not finished with their attack yet as they used the dragon as a diversion tactic to break through the sallyport!  Fortunately, the party agrees to help defend the portcullis as Eadyan the priest casts mending on the gate.  Interestingly, shortly before the gate is closed, Naeris spots Frulam Mondath, one of the leaders of the cult, who initiated the attack.  She fires an impossible shot that miraculously hits Frulam and sends her tumbling down a hill!

Angered by the audacity of the adventurers, Frulam devises an plan to lure them out of the keep by threatening to burn the mill down.  The adventurers arrive at the mill just in time to stop the burning and run into a trap!  However, Brian, in full barbarian fury, takes the brunt of the surprise attack, and even provides a counter attack of his own, severely breaking their numbers.   The rest of the party cuts down the threat, much to Frulam's dismay.

Finally, the raiders have had enough of their fill in spoils and dealing with the troublesome adventurers.  So, Cyanwrath, the powerful dragonkin leader, calls the keep to put forth their greatest champion to fight him in honorable one-on-one combat in exchange for 4 prisoners.  The party decides to send Brian, who receives the blessing of Chauntea, a masterwork greatsword, and some healing potions.  Brian proves to be a worthy foe, injuring Cyanwrath before going down.  Cyanwrath proves to be honorable and releases the 4 prisoners.  The bandits leave shortly afterward.

The town of Greenest and all of its inhabitants are grateful and offer to provide the adventurers with whatever they need if they can.  Thus ends Episode 1 and the adventurers gain 1

Save the church

The party is told by Nighthill that they need to save the priest of Chauntea, the only healer the town has—That way the town can heal their injured militia.  Unfortunately, the priest and some villagers are holed up in the nearby temple, which is also under attack by a band of raiders. 

An old tunnel leads out of the keep, originally made for gathering water from the stream during a siege.  It has never been used, however, so anything could be down there.  Also, it is the only way out of the keep now that the front gate is being blocked by a large group of raiders.  The party is attacked by a deadly group of hungry rats that have migrated to the tunnel as a result of all the commotion.  Oskar nearly dies from this, but the party is otherwise unscathed.

Before exiting the tunnel, Naeris scouts ahead and notices a patrolling group of raiders. The group decides to let them pass before continuing onward to the southwestern wall of the temple.  After scouting out the enemy's positions, the party decides to surprise attack the group of bandits in the back of the temple, who are quickly overwhelmed.

The group then enters through the back of the temple, and they devise a clever plan to get the villagers and the priest out with minimal casualties.  As they start moving people over the back wall and away from the temple grounds, they also have to deal with the largest group of bandits attempting to break down the front door.  With Kartoffel perched on the roof monitoring the positions of the raiders, the party piles up temple pews against the front door.  

As the enemy finally breaks through the door and starts streaming in, Durza waits patiently in front of them until enough of them are trying to climb the pews.  Once the time is right, he unleashes a great Thunderwave that sends the pews and the enemy flying, crushing them against the stone walls of the temple and the hardwood pews.  This buys all of them enough time to exit the temple and free the villagers with no casualties.  When they return through the old tunnel, Governor Nighthill was relieved and grateful at the immaculate outcome!

Seek the Keep

This adventure takes place in the Forgotten Realms, namely the world known as Toril.  The players have traveled far from the empire of Amn to eventually make it to Greenest.  While each has their own agenda, fate has them arrive just in time to be trapped in a town and surrounded by a hoard of raiders.

After saving a woman named Linan Swift and her husband Cuthbert, they fight their way to the keep.  Fortunately, the guards had not fully shut the gate when they arrived, so they made it into the castle.  There, they meet the Master Escobert and Governor Nighthill.  

It is confirmed that the raiders are in fact involved with the Cult of the Dragon, per the talismans the adventurers find on the dead bodies.  

Nighthill informs them that the keep is in dire need of a healer, a priest of Chauntea, currently trapped in the temple.  However, the temple is under attack by a large group of raiders.  This causes Nighthill to be deeply worried and he asks the adventurers to exit the keep through the Old Tunnel.  The adventurers agree to do so and hopefully reach the temple before its trapped inhabitants are attacked.


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