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  • Welcome to your campaign!

    This adventure takes place in the Forgotten Realms, namely the world known as Toril.  The players have traveled far from the empire of Amn to eventually make it to Greenest.  While each has their own agenda, fate has them arrive just in time …

  • Cuthbert Swift

    Husband to Linan Swift, Cuth is a well known and respected lumberjack in the town of Greenest. The adventurers saved him and his family from kobold raiders in the first episode of the campaign.

  • Castellan Escobert the Red

    Escobert used to have red hair, but he is an old dwarf that has been the trust master of the keep for centuries. He meets the adventurers in the keep when they attempt to raid the cellar for wine. Instead, he proves to be a good natured dwarf and offers …

  • Governor Tarbaw Nighthill

    Nighthill has been the Governor at the behest of Greenhill residents for many years now. The adventurers meet him at the keep after they fight through many raiders. Nighthill immediately sees the adventurers as a powerful asset and asks for their help …

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