Turbine Friends D&D

Episode 2

Hunting the Raiders

Governor Nighthill once again calls upon the adventurers' help – this time to hunt down the people who attacked Greenest.  A monk named Nesim tells them about his master Leosin being captured by the raiders.  Pleading to the adventurers to help save Leosin, also mentioning that he is a scholar of the dragon cult, the party agrees to attempt a rescue.

Tracks are discovered, and the party eventually runs into a straggler group.  The group bickers amongst themselves, a racism situation between the human cultists and the kobolds.  The adventurers use this to their advantage and overwhelm the group.  They breifly capture a prisoner who reluctantly informs them of the Rearguard, which awaits the party for an ambush.

Knowing that the Rearguard exists and what to look for, the party eventually spots the ambush area.  The adventurers ambush the Rearguard instead, but fail to launch a surprise attack.  The battle goes fairly well until they happen upon an unexpectedly strong leader of the enemy group.  They are forced to surround him to bring him down, but not before suffering a minor casualty when Naeris falls to the veteran's blades.

After the Rearguard is destroyed, the party continues toward the raider's camp.



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