Turbine Friends D&D



Lennithon, self-proclaimed queen of dragons, attacks the keep with sweeping lighting strikes. This results in a huge loss of the limited militia that Greenest has left.  Nighthill is horrified, but the party keeps calm.  Balthazar, dragonkin, brilliantly parlays with Lennithon, convincing the beast to leave the town alone provided that the party agrees to a geass — to save an important egg that the dragon cult has held captive.  Kartoffel further convinces the beast to give them a ride to the nest when the time comes.

Once that ordeal is over, the enemy is not finished with their attack yet as they used the dragon as a diversion tactic to break through the sallyport!  Fortunately, the party agrees to help defend the portcullis as Eadyan the priest casts mending on the gate.  Interestingly, shortly before the gate is closed, Naeris spots Frulam Mondath, one of the leaders of the cult, who initiated the attack.  She fires an impossible shot that miraculously hits Frulam and sends her tumbling down a hill!

Angered by the audacity of the adventurers, Frulam devises an plan to lure them out of the keep by threatening to burn the mill down.  The adventurers arrive at the mill just in time to stop the burning and run into a trap!  However, Brian, in full barbarian fury, takes the brunt of the surprise attack, and even provides a counter attack of his own, severely breaking their numbers.   The rest of the party cuts down the threat, much to Frulam's dismay.

Finally, the raiders have had enough of their fill in spoils and dealing with the troublesome adventurers.  So, Cyanwrath, the powerful dragonkin leader, calls the keep to put forth their greatest champion to fight him in honorable one-on-one combat in exchange for 4 prisoners.  The party decides to send Brian, who receives the blessing of Chauntea, a masterwork greatsword, and some healing potions.  Brian proves to be a worthy foe, injuring Cyanwrath before going down.  Cyanwrath proves to be honorable and releases the 4 prisoners.  The bandits leave shortly afterward.

The town of Greenest and all of its inhabitants are grateful and offer to provide the adventurers with whatever they need if they can.  Thus ends Episode 1 and the adventurers gain 1



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