Turbine Friends D&D

Episode 3.2

Standoff with Mondath

Exploring further into the cave, the adventurers take a cautious approach.  Durza transforms into a bat to fly further into the center of the cave only to meet up with a hoard of other bats.  Unfortunately, not much is gained except for suddenly being attacked by a stirge, which is defeated upon the fast return of the druid.

Naeris and and Jago, Balthazar's new imp familiar, explore the secret passage in the south and find an ambush in waiting.  Instead of triggering the ambush, the party concocts a plan to lure them out by pretending to be the enemy and calling for assistance.

The enemy does not buy it however, and they attack from two sides.  A patrol of kobolds attacks first, opening up the ambush party for a surprise attack from the south.  The battle is fierce, but the companions fight bravely, effectively taking down the enemy, including Frulam Mondath.  

In the last moment, Munin casts Spare the Dying on Mondath to keep her alive in hope to gain further information on the cult.



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