House Rules

Experience and Leveling Up

For this adventure, it's better to level up at the end of each episode.  There are a total of 8 episodes, so you can expect your character to reach level 8 by the end of the campaign.  This should work well since each episode anticipates this kind of level gain.

Inspiration Points

You can only have 1 at any given time.  If you are not satisfied with any particular roll, you can use an inspiration point to re-roll it.  You can re-gain an inpiration point if you purposefully do something detrimental to your character.  For example, if you roll a critical hit (natural 20), then you can give up that crit to have an inspiration point instead.  Or, if your flaw is being overly suspicious of others and you refuse to let a healer cure your wounds as a result, you can take an inspiration point.

Speaking Out of Character

Don't feel pressured to role-play, no one should feel uncomfortable if speaking in character isn't your thing.  But if you do, sometimes you want to clarify something before you answer an NPC you are conversing with.  This is called "speaking out of character," which you can signal by crossing your fingers.  That way, I will instantly know if you are speaking as a player and not your character.


You cannot simply expect to rest and replenish your health and spells anytime you want.  Whether or not you can rest is determined by the DM and is ultimately dictated logically by the story.  A short rest lasts about an hour, which allows you to roll "hit dice" to regain some hitpoints, regain all your spell slots up to level 5, and swap out prepared spells as needed.  A long rest lasts 8 hours, which allows you to roll hit dice to regain some hitpoints, regain a hit die, and regain all your spells.

Linear vs Open Gameplay

While campaigns can often feel linear, that is only to help keep things moving.  That being said, feel free to explore and go in different directions – both morally and geographically.  If you end up wandering far off the expected path, then you may end up changing the outcome of many future events.  The official campaigns expect a certain amount of this to happen, so there are checklists that determine what ends up happening later on as a result of your actions.  

Homebrew Stuff

When you are making a new character or perhaps decide to explore multiclassing, all officially printed material is free game.  Homebrew can be accepted, but you need to consult me first in case something seems really overpowered or out-of-place in the forgotten realms.

House Rules

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